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Dirt Grading to the Finished Sod Lawn: A Project Showcase in Omaha

Dirt Grading to the Finished Sod Lawn: A Project Showcase in Omaha

If you plan to install a new lawn in Omaha, you'll need to ensure the ground is properly prepared. This includes grading the soil to ensure that it's level and free of any large rocks or other obstacles that could impede the growth of your new sod. In this blog, we'll showcase a recent project in Omaha that demonstrates the transformation that can occur when proper dirt grading is performed.

The project involved a large residential property in Omaha that was in need of a new lawn. The old lawn was patchy and had bare spots, which made the property look unsightly. The owners decided to install a new sod lawn and reached out to Simply Sod for help.

Our team arrived on the site and got to work. The first step was to remove the old lawn and grade the soil. We used heavy equipment to remove any rocks or debris from the soil and ensure the ground was level. This process was crucial to ensure that the new sod would have a solid foundation and would be able to grow evenly.

With the dirt grading complete, it was time to install the new sod. Our team carefully laid the sod, making sure that each piece was tightly interlocking with the next. This is important to prevent any gaps or seams from forming, which can lead to weed growth. The sod was then watered thoroughly to help it settle into place and to encourage root growth.

The final result was nothing short of stunning. The new sod lawn was lush and green, and it completely transformed the look of the property. The owners were thrilled with the results, and they now had a beautiful new lawn that they could enjoy for years to come.

In conclusion, dirt grading is an important step in the process of installing a new sod lawn in Omaha. By ensuring that the ground is properly prepared, you can ensure that your new sod will have a solid foundation and will be able to grow evenly. If you're in need of help with a new sod lawn project in Omaha, Simply Sod is here to help. Contact us for more information about our services and to get started on your new lawn today.

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